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Bridge Scrapers

We manufacture a complete range of settlement tank scrapers to suit any tank profile, and which are designed to collect and remove any type of sludge. The scrapers themselves can be designed to fit any floor type and can be either fixed, trailing or a combination of the two.

The rotating half bridge scraper is designed to remove settled sludge and scum from circular settlement tanks. The equipment in a tank comprises a galvanised fabricated bridge structure of Channel or Universal Beam sections complete with a galvanised steel open mesh flooring walkway suitable handrails and toe plates.

The half bridge scraper rotates about a central pivot and its outer end is fitted with an end carriage which carries the bridge drive and wheel assemblies.

A series of trailing scrapers remove the settled sludge from the tank floor. The scrapers are arranged to form a continuous volute (spiral) or chevron pattern to ensure that sludge is directed towards a central hopper in the tank floor.

Designed in accordance with the site specific requirements, George Green also adheres to the latest W.I.M.E.S 2.03 specification.

Yorkshire Water Amp Period 4

At the end of 2006 George Green were appointed a Framework Supplier for Yorkshire Water Services, & in the 12 month period from the beginning of January 2007 we supplied 16 Half Bridge Scrapers to numerous sites across the Yorkshire region.

As well as supplying & installing bridges, George Green also offer a package on the associated GRP Products (Launders, Weirs, & Scum boards), we offer prices on the supply & installation of the GRP, & also install items free issued by the Client.

Yorkshire Water Amp Periods 2 & 3

George Green manufactured & installed up to 25 rotating Half Bridge Scrapers.