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Pressurised storage containers

The requirement for this project was to design a range of pressurised storage and transport containers for the safe handling of very expensive spare parts (turbine rotors and pump impellors).

Essential spare parts, which can be difficult to obtain quickly, need to be kept on hand for an indeterminate time. During this time they need to be kept safe and protected from the environment. Sealed containers pressurized with nitrogen are used for this purpose.

The containers were designed for 1.0 bar pressure and tested to 2.0 bar, although the working pressure is only 0.3 bar. A nitrogen bottle is attached to the canister frame and maintains the regulated pressure. A safety relief valve is also fitted. The canisters are designed for a component load of 2200kg. They are also designed such that they can be stored vertically as well as horizontally.

Internally the stored items are secured in all directions using rubber faced mounts.